uppers and downers


quiet house. grey days. racism. sleepless nights. epilepsy. indecision. long frigid winters. gawkers. manipulation. bullies. dog shit. climate deniers. condescension. frozen earth. conservatism. pettiness. don the con. blizzards. stubborn son. microagressions. my child's benzodiazepine withdrawal. know-it-alls. trolls. liars. prisons. borders. war.


quiet house. husband. calvin's hugs. writing. patient, kind, understanding folks at the grocery store. crocuses. pine cones. robins. friendship. hopefulness. modest homes that feel expansive. homemade espresso with warm milk. early evening light. forgiveness. bourbon with my friend woody. asian slaw. openness. calvin's bedtime smiles. philanthropy. rolling wood stove fires. nellie walkers. snow-blower neighbors. kindred spirits. rain. sun.

Crazy illusional photo-stitch panorama by Michael Kolster


  1. I love this. I feel so close to you given what we're going through with our son and daughter, but I hate that we live on opposite sides of the country. Let's go to Mexico for some rest.

  2. seriously. i am looking for an escape. let's talk. xoxoxo