our medicine

I've seen countless videos of children having seizures. They all bring me to tears. Every time. Without fail. I see myself in them. I see my child in them. I see the need for better treatments. I understand the scourge of scores and years of pharmaceutical drugs, many of which are dangerous and addictive and yet are being regularly and cavalierly prescribed by neurologist for our children with developing brains.

The images of seizures in this video might be hard for some people to watch, but the message is critical. We need to loosen the restraints that bind the use of cannabis for medical purposes and for its research. This is not a partisan issue. This is not a religious issue. This is an issue of life or death for many children suffering from epilepsy. This is a quality of life issue for children with epilepsy and their families, whether Christian or Muslim or Jewish or Atheist, conservative or liberal. Please help educate those who continue to misunderstand and demonize cannabis. For some children, it's their only shot at a life worth living.

Thank you, Dr. Thomas Minahan, for your courage, your wisdom and your advocacy.

If you cannot view the video, watch it here on vimeo.


  1. Beautiful post to accompany Tom's message.

  2. I'd like to share this video with friends whose minds have been closed to cannabis....Please tell us how we can do that, Christy.

    1. thank you carol. you can either forward the link to this particular blog post by clicking on its title and copying the browser url into an email or you can click on the vimeo where i say, "you can watch it here on vimeo." here are the links if it is easier for you to cut them and paste them: http://www.calvinsstory.com/2015/11/our-medicine_5.html and https://vimeo.com/134411750

    2. Thank you, Christy....big help!