day seven hundred twenty

one: the number of days since Calvin's last partial seizure.
four: the number of days since Calvin's last grand mal seizure.
five: the number of consecutive days Calvin has had seizures this week.
seven hundred twenty: the number of days since Calvin's last conscious-onset grand mal seizure (one that starts when he is awake, not sleeping.)

As inevitable as I have always thought this day would be, it is still sobering to know that he broke that nice long stretch this morning.

Tomorrow we start back to day one.


  1. Is there a substantive difference between awake-onset and asleep-onset grand mal seizures? I ask because it seems as though my son's pattern has changed from the former to the later of late.

    1. not that i know of, although sleep and seizures are often bedfellows (it is very common to have seizures in sleep or when just awaking). now i will worry about daytime seizures at school. for over two years he's only had tonic-clonic seizures at night where he is safe in bed. sigh.