hubby. food. shelter. water. heat. peace. the kid. sisterhood. grace in the face of loss. kindness. wood stove fires. calvin's smiles and hugs. gatherings. nellie. community. pink sunrise. love. brothers. good night's sleep. my peeps. civil rights. dry-brined birds. philanthropy. neighbors who rake our leaves. rain. bourbon. handsome hats that girlfriends knit. charity. quiet streets. good reads. humor. pie galore. forgiveness. sky. gma and gpa and the rest of the gang. reflection. compassion. cannabis oil. hope. rhododendrons. free speech. diversity. twilight. candlelight. stars. goose down. brussels spouts. art. beauty. hmong stuffing. writing. empathy. wine. music. justice. rivers. sisters. trees.

Photo by Michael Kolster

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