ominous sonograms. emergency surgery. hospitals. neurologists. phlebotomists. neuro-opthalmologist. fleeting hopes. unknowns. fleeting joys. fleeting dreams. omens. nightmares days. pain. loss. grief. seizures. eegs. trilpetal. failed drugs. paradoxical response. keppra. depakote. missed milestones. lamictal. zonegran. clonazepam. ridiculous protocol. 911 calls. ambulances. imbalance. stupor. dietary rigor. weight gain. withdrawal. clobazam. banzel. keppra again. malaise. mania. anorexia. lethargy. insomnia. zombie boy. wild child. sleepless nights. poking eyes. cannabis. optimism. standing tall. calm. still wanting it all.


  1. Full sentences not necessary when you're composing. Gratitude for your writing. Gratitude and props to you.

    1. And what i mean, is your words are important. Thank you. And also powerful, like Andie said.

  2. He's such a beautiful, beautiful boy.

  3. Calvin looks like you! So sweet.
    I ditto the list almost in its entirety!

    I'd add: ACTH injectables, Vigabitrim, heart surgery, mania, diastat, epi pen, anaphylaxis , constant fear, panic attacks, divorce, alone, episodic dis control syndrome, optic nerve tumor....
    Fear of the future, unknown, dark cloud, what will happen to my girl when I can't do this anymore?

    Love your words. Your prose is powerful!