The past few Valentine's Days I've been remiss. Years ago, I used to make valentines for Calvin's classmates, sewing scraps of heart-shaped denim to paper then stitching each one with their names. Alas, Valentine's Day is not a holiday we celebrate in this household, so it sneaks up on me and, unless I get a reminder, I forget until a baggie of notes and charms and cards made by the students comes home in Calvin's backpack like they did yesterday. Here are some of the valentines written to my boy:

To: Calvin from: Cam  You are friendly and love to give hugs.

To: Calvin From: Jack  Dear Calvin when your Mom came and talked to us about you she told us that you don't have a mean bone in your body and I believe that.

To: Calvin  You are extremely kind to all and a great friend. From Kipp

Calvin — You are very sweet. I like that you are always smiling. — Elly

To Calvin, When ever I see you you just make me smile! I can't explain why but you do. Yours Truly, Morgan

Calvin, You are very sweet! I love How you are always smiling! Chelsea

Dear Calvin: I know you are really nice and that you don't have a bad bone in your body. — Ian

Calvin, You are a very nice kid. I like waving to you in the halls. you do a good job at almost everthing you do. (Unknown)


  1. Oh, that is the best. I know he doesn't understand them like we do, but I must think that on some level, some deep cellular level, he knows that he is surrounded by love and good cheer.