i was about to publish a post i've been working on all week. i just now deleted it by accident. such is life. suffice to say i was writing about the ridiculous amount of attention calvin requires and how i can't keep him out of earshot or beyond arm's reach. i guess i have to start over.

on a related note, while taking calvin to the grocer today, he was squealing and squirming and drooling a bit, and walking his wonky walk. a little girl of about seven strolled by and gawked at him. she raised her arms and flicked her fingers as if she were holding something rotten and said, "ew, gross." she was talking about calvin. i turned to her and said loudly, "ew, you're gross," and went on my merry way.

she reminded me of donald trump, in her mocking of my sweet, defenseless, disabled boy, spewing the shit that was on her mind, not caring if she offended, thinking she was without fault.

talk about gross.

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