knock on wood

Just a quick note to catch you up on things: spring has finally sprung in Maine; Calvin is on day nine since his last grand mal; though he projectile vomited on me while Michael was in Boston for the night, I survived; and—most notably—Calvin has had only one grand mal seizure so far this month (perhaps due in part to intermittent nighttime THC?). Knock on wood for us, okay?


  1. Kimberleigh Donnelly-ColeMay 27, 2017 at 11:58 PM

    Knocking on wood for you, definitely. Is this your lovely home? What idyllic surroundings, so beautiful and peaceful! Keeping you all in my heart.

    1. yes, it is our home. we rarely travel so we try to make our home a kind of sanctuary.

  2. I'm knocking so hard. I haven't been round in a while -- I need to catch up. I miss you.