short-term strategy

  1. Monitor whether going back down on Keppra dose reduces partial complex seizures.
  2. Get Calvin's blood checked, including yeast antibodies and low white blood cell count—possible symptoms of yeast overgrowth—plus low thyroid function and uric acid buildup, all possible seizure triggers.
  3. Continue weekly 0.05 mg reductions of clobazam; last dose planned for February 25th, if not slightly before.
  4. Make next THCA cannabis oil twice as concentrated for use during regular daily dosing as well as for nighttime dosing when needed (i.e. omit grain alcohol in making a nighttime oil, so as to eliminate possibility of inflammation.)
  5. Investigate and purchase tart cherry juice for improved sleep, antioxidant qualities, uric acid elimination and possible seizure suppression.
  6. If Calvin's blood test indicates a yeast overgrowth in the gut, treat with oral nystatin and/or saccharomyces boulardii and lactobacillus bacterium. Consider adding those two probiotics to his regimen nonetheless.
  7. Consider switching from CBD oil to CBDA oil because my gut is telling me to.
  8. Consider reducing Keppra in the future.
  9. Hope that after the elimination of clobazam, Calvin will eventually improve in myriad ways.
Photo by Michael Kolster

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  1. The picture -- how it's laid out goes perfectly with your list. I'm all for doing what your gut tells you.