My child would not know when or where to run and hide. He could not be kept quiet. He could not plead for mercy from the shooter to spare his life. He could not tackle an aggressor, shield a friend, close and lock a door, flee outside.

I ponder these terrorists, most of them white and male—extremists, racists, bigot, xenophobes—many, perhaps, with unstable minds. I dread the notion of a similar tragedy happening in my town, at my son's school where he'd be an easy target, easily sought out, easily found, easily gunned down.

No doubt the millions of thoughts and prayers have done nothing to prevent these tragedies, these mass shootings by angry boys and men who wield AK-15s. Perhaps it's true, to some degree, mental health is a problem, but insane people live in every corner of the world while our nation is an outlier when it comes to massacres and other deaths with guns.

Many conservatives doubt any measure can prevent mass shootings from occurring, save arming everyone. The fact is doing nothing ensures the epidemic perseveres. We've witnessed that truth too many times.

The second amendment was not intended to protect one's right to bear arms for sport or self protection. It was meant to form a well-regulated militia. Read the words. We should be gun-shy. We ought to stop fetishizing guns. We must reject the unfounded fear of others, of people different from ourselves. We must not yield to paranoia. We must not hold the perceived right to bear arms in higher regard than the right of innocents to their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We must change policy to reflect those values, to protect our children.

In this nation, too many people take their lives with guns. Too many toddlers shoot themselves, their siblings, parents, friends. Too many women are shot by abusive partners. Too many others are shot accidentally. We must stop this madness, change our nation's unhinged thirst for firearms. We should not think it's cool to own a gun.

But I feel a sea change coming—a blue tsunami—spawned by the wise, progressive youth in our nation. No doubt they'll be reshaping culture, climate and policy, and will curb the appeal and sale and use of guns.

Calvin years ago.

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  1. Answer: 440,000 per year, 1,205 per day.

    Q: How many Americans are killed by doctors or medical errors
    each year? (Google it.)

    Is it possible that the TeeVee news are creating a fake hysteria about the wrong issue? Their issue is disarming Americans.

    1,205 loved ones dead PER DAY? Plus! How many are additionally permanently damaged and not killed outright per day? I.e. benzos, ssri's, oppiod addiction, etc.

    Might be more dangerous taking someone to the hospital than school?