riding it out

My eyes are aching in their sockets, this morning being the fifth in a row that Calvin has woken up ungodly early to one or more focal seizures. On Wednesday night, he also suffered a grand mal, so it has not been a good month at all. Did I make a mistake in reducing his nighttime THCA cannabis oil, thinking that the THC in it might be causing his evening grand mal seizures and agitation? Does he need more CBD? Both oils have helped him in the past. Question is, what are their sweet spots? Is less better, or more?

However, since I've made a few changes to his regimen already this month, and since it appears he's been going through a growth spurt, I'm going to try my best to ride out this spate of seizures without changing anything else. I'm going to remember that Calvin is taking WAY less drug than in the past—his only pharmaceutical anticonvulsant is Keppra, which is at its lowest dose in years. His CBD is close to its lowest dose and his THCA is still about half of what he's been on in recent past. My gut tells me to raise it again, so I might do that, but not until after this recent storm calms.

Despite the uptick in seizures, I am still amazed and grateful that Calvin isn't doing worse than he is. Always a tiny child, and having made it onto the growth charts only a few times in his entire life, albeit never past the first percentile, he has grown nearly two inches since April; the top of his head now reaches my chin! My gut tells me puberty and growth, especially spurts like these, could negatively affect his seizure threshold.

So I'll keep riding this thing out, grateful that Calvin is having calm, happy days, though lethargic ones, and I'll hope for better, more seizure-free days to come.

Calvin, still looking like a newborn when he was nine months old.

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