double whammy

Blame last night's double whammy on the arc of the full moon. Blame it on a low-grade fever or virus. Blame it on sleep deprivation or anxiety, the barometric pressure or gravity. Blame it on a lack of fluids, a dip in blood sugar, pressure or O2. Blame it on the protracted effects of benzodiazepines which should have never been prescribed for my three-year-old. Blame it on the weight of the world, the scourge of hateful rhetoric, the insanity of deceit and greed, the power of willful ignorance, the threat of war. Blame it on injustice. Blame it on the patriarchy. Blame it on the pharmaceutical industry. Blame it on the superficial solace of the stock market. Blame it on yesterday's regrettable IEP. Blame it on the vacuum of Daddy's absence. Blame it on the warm front coming, and being trapped indoors. Blame it on his brain's messed-up pathways. Blame it on growth spurts and raging hormones. Blame it on the vile nature of epilepsy. Blame last night's two grand mals on anything and everything.

Calvin's grand mal seizure from eight years ago; some things regrettably never change.


  1. Do you have an opinion on Lion's Mane mushroom extract and myelin sheath regrowth as applies to seizures?

    Go Calvin!