weekend update

At noon, it's fourteen degrees out. Last night it got down to two. We're sick as dogs inside this lonely house. Sidewalks are icy. While walking Smellie yesterday the windchill factor was well below zero. I feared my jeans would freeze to my kneecaps. The dog has become a little bit gimpy and we don't know exactly where in her leg it hurts, or why. We think it's arthritis as the result of Lyme. Can't get outside today to walk her since I don't have a nurse to watch Calvin.

Michael is on his way home from being gone for nearly twelve days. I hope he brings Hawaii's sun and warmth along. The other night a friend asked if I resented my husband's travel. I told her only sometimes. It's his work, and it makes him happy and he misses home and wishes I were with him, with or without our boy. Alas, because of Calvin, it can't be so.

While Michael has been gone, his parents have been regularly checking in on me by phone. Several friends have walked Smellie when I can't, braving the wind and cold. A dear friend and his daughter shoveled my snowy driveway. One lovely dropped by some homemade spaghetti and cookies. Another brought me tulips, English muffin bread, tea, honey, Meyer lemons and Honeybell oranges. Still another showed up with a warm loaf of lemon poppyseed cake. I'm so lucky to be taken care of by friends in this small town.

Last night Calvin had a grand mal seizure. Strangely, I didn't see it coming. It was early enough in the night that I feared he'd have a second one like he did the past two times. So, I gave him a little extra homemade THCA oil and spooned with him. He didn't have another one.

I hope to get some sleep tonight. I feel wrecked, with achy eyes and a voice which is nearly gone. Thankfully, Calvin is in a mellow mood, thus has been pretty easy to take care of. Of late, I've seen his behavior trending toward more calm. From his room next door I hear him yawn. Time to try a nap of my own while Smellie is out walking with friends. Soon she'll be on her way home.

From the field behind our home.


  1. Keep up the keeping up,Christie!You are one remarkable woman to do what you do! Michael must be terribly proud of you--the kind of woman you are! And good for your friends! There's something heartwarming about a small town. (I know; I grew up in one!)

  2. Thank you for sharing these small moments of friendship.