hope for my america

my america is gorgeous. it lives up to its original promises. it is inclusive and, like the universe, is ever-evolving. it refuses to fetishize the evils, abuses and inequities of white nostalgia. it's hopeful, open, well-educated and well-informed. it's full of folks who are wise, charitable, courageous, righteous, curious, ingenious and brotherly.

my america is welcoming, kind, and loving. Its people admire and embody honesty, humility and decency. as someone once said, it leads by the power of its example rather than the example of its power. in my america, leaders are driven by truth, compassion and a great desire to unite the rest of us for the common good.

in my america, everyone recognizes that success is not achieved in a vacuum, where bootstrap and rugged-individualist theories die on their mythological vines. it's where people appreciate that their triumphs are won only through the help of countless others—the banker, the paver, the farmer and harvester, the meat packer, truck driver, garbage handler, builder, baker, coffee roaster, bagel maker. in my america, the empathy gap and the chasm between the haves and have-nots narrows instead of widens, and workers are not exploited, rather, they share the fruits of their labor.

in my america, women and people of color occupy a majority of the seats in boardrooms, executive offices, faculties, courts and cabinets, embassies and halls of congress. in my america women occupy the oval office. in my america, racism, discrimination, xenophobia, misogyny, bullying, abuse, harassment, rape and femicide are things of the past. in my america, women, people of color, lgbtq people and their works are proportionately represented in monuments, art museums, literature, film, theater, music and television.

though i'm no christian, in my america, people who claim to love jesus actually embody his teachings by loving, accepting and serving their neighbor—whether gay, straight or transgender, muslim, jew, atheist, native or african american, latino, asian, citizen, immigrant or refugee—and by feeding the poor, housing the homeless, healing the sick, casting no stones.

in my america, women have control of their own bodies.

in my america, syphoned funds from a bloated military are injected into education, healthcare for all, childcare, infrastructure and housing. in my america, no one is the victim of police violence or profiteering, there are no private prisons, people imprisoned for possessing small amounts of drugs are released—their records expunged—and capital punishment is forbidden.

in my america, our sordid history is taught in schools, not scoured and whitewashed like it has been for decades, if not centuries. it's a nation where symbols of the failed, treasonous confederacy are toppled once and for all. it's where monuments revere heroes of noble and just causes, and memorials honor victims of atrocities. in my america, we are moved to feel remorse for the crimes of our forefathers, and to atone.

in my america, those who are fleeing war-torn, starved and violent nations are welcomed here with open arms; we have room for them.

in my america, people see the value of—and work to protect—each other, particularly the vulnerable, including people like my son calvin, who in so many ways is one of the best americans i know.

today, my america feels within reach.

Rangely, Maine


  1. Your America is full of cheaters and liars.
    Your America is made up of people that will force you to do something you don't believe in (ie. vaccine).
    My America is a mask free and vaccine optional one.
    There is a reason why the word DemocRAT. They are RATS.

    1. Amazing: a grievance called-in from a parallel universe.

      Proud to be a RAT, David

  2. Christy--thank you for your lovely, thoughtful post. Your america is a beautiful place. Caring for one another through small and large acts is critical for the healing and protection our country needs in these trying times. Protecting ourselves and others through vaccination is part of that process. I am sorry to hear the pain that shines through the first post. I hope the author will open their heart and mind, and think about what they can do for others, on the path to a happier life with better sleep.

  3. This is so beautiful and so true for the majority of Americans. If only everyone could get off of social media and extreme news outlets, and look around and see who people really are, and stop parroting the negative, America may change at the core. We are all in our messaging silos. Reaching out to one's neighbor and understanding that their health issues may require a caring person to wear a mask, or understanding that the immigrant next to you at the grocery store loves America and its promise just as much and perhaps even more than you, those experiences might change our thinking and open doors of communication. This land is our land -- all of ours -- and it is VAST. There's room for everyone, and there are millions of ways to bring out the better in each of us. Let's not try to bring out the worst, as your first commenter sadly attempted.