so little time

so little time these days to write my blog. my memoir has been neglected. leaves pile up on the ground outside. dust bunnies collect in the corners of the house. days are getting shorter fast. the sun is low, even at high noon. i see it slung in the sky above a tidal inlet where workers break their backs harvesting clams from the mud. 

calvin went sixteen days between seizures. in a month's time, he's only had four grand mals. his focal seizures are at a record low this year. he's taking way less medication—only one antiepileptic pharmaceutical. it seems my homemade thca cannabis oil is what's helping most, and that we are treating his anemia.

he's growing like a weed, though still tiny for someone who will be seventeen come february. almost five feet now. eighty-three pounds. we're still lifting him. keeps us strong, though not exactly young. 

dawn isn't coming until six-thirty. sun is setting at four-twenty today. tomorrow will be two minutes and twenty-four seconds shorter. so little time to do much of anything these days. the pandemic sadly rules.


  1. I can not believe he's going to be seventeen. That's nuts. But then again, Sophie will be 26 in March.

  2. My girl will be 17 in January. Oh Calvin keeping you young and old at the same time.... I’m experiencing a similar phenomenon with my almost “ adult” ....

  3. Tough times - days closing in. Beautiful picture. So glad your meds are helping Calvin, your hard research has really achieved. I hope the doctors are taking note for others. Stay well in these mad times.

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    1. I knew it was you, Ian! sending love to you and your family. xoxo