friday faves - calvin's wish

If Calvin could make a wish he might ask for
a baseball and mitt,
a snazzy Lego set,
a shiny new bicycle,
or perhaps to stop having seizures.

Calvin might wish for
a bumpy pony ride,
a cuddly puppy to lick his face,
a goldfish in a bowl,
or to run barefoot in the grass with his mama.

If Calvin could make a wish he might ask for
the colorful prize in a bubble gum machine,
a McDonald's happy meal,
a big slice of pizza,
or not to have to take medicine anymore.

Calvin might wish for
a brilliant comic book,
a box of crayons,
a cool pair of sneakers,
or maybe some friends to play with.

If Calvin could make a wish he might ask for
popcorn at the movies,
a trip to Disney Land,
a newfangled video game,
or to be able to eat graham crackers and ice cream again.

Calvin might wish for
a gift from the Tooth Fairy,
Santa's next visit,
a trip to the ballpark,
or to fly a kite on the beach with his dad.

if Calvin could make a wish I don't think he'd ask for
more loving parents,
more devoted grandparents,
more caring nurses,
more compassionate supporters,
but perhaps just the chance to say "thank you" and "I love you."

Calvin's ninth birthday is next Thursday. My wish for him is to give him the gift of hope for a cure for his epilepsy and for you, my readers, to consider donating what you can to epilepsy research: http://www.calvinscure.com


  1. My daughter sent me the link to your blog today. She has told me about you and your son. My daughter is a student in your husband's class. On Sunday, January 27 we talked on the phone. She was telling me about how she was dreading having to tell your husband about her epilepsy. At the beginning of every semester she has to tell her professors about her condition and how it is unpredictable and how the medicines have such a great effect on her and that she may miss class due to doctor visits or illness. Several times over the years she has been told by her professors that they have a co-worker whose son has epilepsy. I don't know if it was in her first class with your husband the week before, or on the field trip to the art museum that she figured it out, but her call to me was, in part, to say, "I'm in the professor's class that has the kid with epilepsy!" Strangely, it scared her. It is one thing to tell teachers who have no idea what you are talking about that you have epilepsy, but this time, he would understand completely. I encouraged her by saying that he would be sympathetic and the most understanding of anyone because he lives it. I got a lot of,"I know, I know" and I thought she was making a big deal out of nothing. Well, as you may know, she never got to have that private conversation with him after class because she had a seizure in his class the next morning. He took care of her and got her the help she needed. He even checked up on her later that day (she was so impressed). I doubt my daughter is the first epileptic student your husband has ever had, but for my daughter he will be remembered for his compassionate care when she needed it. It had been 41 months since she had a seizure. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your passion to the cause. I hope, someday, my daughter will get the chance to meet your son. She is so inspired by all you do here. Please thank your husband as well for being there for my daughter when I couldn't.

  2. dear michelle,
    thank you for reaching out. please invite your daughter to contact me if and when she feels the need or desire. i can be reached at christy.shake@gmail.com
    i would love to be of some support to her in whatever way i can. may i add you to my weekly blog email? if so, what email address should i use? you can email me that info instead of using this platform. i hope your daughter doesn't have any more seizures ... ever. she can always count on us to listen.
    take care,