the kindness of strangers

A reader who I've never heard from before recently commented on a post about little Ronan and expressed her sadness at the news of his death. She added:

BTW, I am a mother of 4 grown children who have left the nest, so now we have a big house and a big pool and hot tub and nobody enjoying it. If you and your husband and Calvin want a place to stay for a few days this summer, feel free to call me. No charge. There's plenty of room; it's no big deal. OR if you ever need a place to stay near NYC; the train ride from our area is less than 50 minutes to Grand Central Station, it's free and hey, you won't get bed bugs from staying in a NYC hotel. hehe. Email me if the need should ever present itself. As one mom to another, I'd be happy/honored to treat you and your family any time.

It never ceases to amaze me—the kindness of strangers. Perhaps one day we'll be taking a dip in her pool.

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