Our marriage on the autumnal equinox fourteen years ago was not random. We figured it was the perfect gesture to celebrate the parity we feel as partners, the fact that we each contribute the same energy to living life, the same enthusiasm to evolve and grow, the same drive to reach our potentials, and the same passion given to everything that is meaningful to us.

Although we have had to resort to pretty traditional roles in our marriage (except that Michael does all of the cooking) mostly due to logistics over caring for Calvin, we are still committed to sharing the load as best we can, still committed to supporting each others' endeavors.

And when things get out of whack and we stumble into cranky impatience, ugliness, derision, we rely on one thing that Calvin has helped us master, something that seems to be one of the great equalizers: forgiveness.

Photo by Michael Kolster


  1. Beautiful man and woman. Happy Anniversary!

  2. lovely! Keep it up, with many happy anniversaries!

  3. Happy Belated anniversary­čĺť­čĺť

  4. Happy anniversary Christy & Mike. Your partnership is an inspiration.