upside down

Life has been a little crazy of late what with Calvin entering junior high school. His first day there I was a wreck, and when I arrived at the classroom, I needed hugs from women I barely know, aides with whom I spent a dozen hours last week showing how best to keep Calvin safe and well at school. I trained them how to feed him, toilet him, walk with him safely and how best to determine if he is headed for a seizure.

So, now that he is back in school, I have some space to regain my bearings without my little ball and chain. But I'm dizzy with all I feel I need to accomplish, which I've put on hold for several months—writing, mostly. My world feels upside down. So today, after a much needed drenching yesterday, I'll push my shovel into the damp earth, dig up a few plants, move some, gift others, prune some dead limbs, take Nellie for a nice long walk at the fields, and finish making my next batch of cannabis oil, all before Calvin comes home from school.

Photo by Emma Raynes

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