good fortune

Though I'm known to kvetch about this and that, I try to be mindful of my fortunes: dear friends, an amazing community, a loving husband, cook and provider, a cozy home, a sweet kid, and the ability to celebrate often without having to worry about where I'm going to sleep at night or where my next meal will come from. Aside from Calvin's poor health and disabilities, his seizures, the treatments and their side effects, and his active benzodiazepine withdrawal, one could characterize my other concerns as first-world problems.

So, perhaps the passing of the summer solstice, which I spent at my friend Lauren's house wearing a shared garland, drinking mojitos and eating popcorn aside a crackling fire, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, can be for me a kind of reboot. Perhaps I can emerge from a place of slight guardedness and cynicism to one more welcoming of my changing surroundings, which is not to say that I'll surrender my passions, political or otherwise.

And, as I remind myself to be grateful, I'm cognizant that Calvin has had only two grand mals thus far in June, which is notable considering he had as few in May—a record low since before starting cannabis and weaning his benzodiazepine over three years ago. In return for that gift of sorts, I knock on wood, clasp my hands and bow my head in recognition of my good fortune.


  1. What a beautiful, joyful picture. I'm grateful for your friendship and our shared life, despite the physical distance between us!

  2. I'm glad you could enjoy the day. You so deserve it. Sending love. Shell