full moon fit

Last night, when the full moon was at its peak in the sky, I watched my son while his father held him as he seized. It was an unusual time for Calvin to have a grand mal, and had Michael and I not stopped giggling in bed, we might not have heard it at all. At first I thought the sound was Nellie licking herself, but when we quieted I recognized the rhythmic smacking of Calvin's lips.

Unlike most nights, I hadn't fully expected this one; I was sure Calvin would make it to day ten without any seizures in between. He'd shown only a few of the harbingers that ring them in.

Still, nine days without any kind of seizure isn't a bad stint compared with at least half of Calvin's last eight months. But it isn't long enough to be sure that the new CBD oil we switched him to, the one with slightly more THC than the last one, is doing any further good. What I am interested in seeing is whether this new oil from Haleigh's Hope might help limit the partial complex seizures Calvin is prone to having in the hours and days after most of his grand mals.

What does seem somewhat clear is that the new concentrated THCA tincture I made a few weeks back does appear to thwart his grand mals to some extent. Typically, when Calvin has a grand mal before midnight, he almost always wakes later to a second one. This time, having given him doses of the tincture just after the seizure, then at 1:30 a.m. and again at 4:00 a.m., he did not have any more.

My boy is still not back to baseline, and the last time he had an evening grand mal he suffered two more the next morning. So we'll sit tight here at home today, giving him a tiny bit extra THCA, thankful that the moon has entered its waning stage.

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