some things stay the same

Hard to imagine this video was taken almost six years ago; some things change and some things stay the same.

This was pretty much what my day looked like today, minus the safety harness Calvin is wearing, minus the husband by my side, minus Rudy The Dog, minus the levity on that particular day. Calvin still insists on his quest to stare at the low southern sun; it is the bane of my existence, causing me to spend all of my time trying to eclipse its existence to the degree that my lone shadow can.

But after I screamed at the top of my lungs for him to stop, I impatiently loaded him into the car and took him to the gelato shop. There, he was compliant and seemed to love the frozen, minty-chocolate treat, then walked two blocks on downtown streets in near freezing temps without balking even once. Later, Calvin was content in the car on the drive to Michael's studio, then waiting for him to put his motorcycle to bed for the winter and to siphon its gas into our car.

Tonight, the fire is roaring and it is meant to get into the teens. We have leftovers of a white bolognese over rigatoni, and Repo Man is cued up on the screen.

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  1. Love the video. That boy has places to go and things to do! Still trying to decide who he takes after with the carpet munching. (Maybe his Auntie?) Glad the dog was entertained too. I have crawled into the bathroom a few times too. Go Calvin!