the rest of us

Outside raking, I try to make sense of this effed-up world we're living in. In the cool glow of an overcast afternoon, I work up a sweat turning needles into piles of copper, all the while conscious that wealthy White Christian conservative men (and a smattering of their female counterparts) are brazenly cheating and lying, trying to control, disenfranchise, oppress and legislate the lives of the rest of us.

Who are the rest of us? I'll tell you: women, Black people, Latinos, Native Americans, Muslims, atheists, Jewish people, old folks and the infirm, mentally or physically disabled folks, young folks, students, union members, artists, journalists, teachers, scientists, environmentalists, public employees, poor people, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, homeless people, former inmates who have done their time and paid their debt to society or should have never been incarcerated in the first place, immigrants, pregnant women, and people who have preexisting conditions like my little boy.

My son Calvin by the way, because of his disability, cannot—nor will he ever be able to—vote; the rest of us must do it for him and for each other, or risk continued disenfranchisement by the powerful few who have nothing to do with the rest of us except to exploit. They have shown us what matters to them, which they will protect at any cost to their constituents and to the earth itself: money, power, control. They have proved incapable of walking in our shoes. Vote them out. Vote now.

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