game changers good and bad

coming of age in san francisco and all i left behind there. michael. maine. marriage. devastating sonograms. hospitals. emergency cesarean. calvin. essential and unnecessary intubations. grief. relentless seizures, including this morning's, the forty-five- and twenty-minute ones. antiepileptic drugs and their side effects. benzodiazepines and their heinous withdrawal (calvin). loss. acute and chronic sleep deprivation (mine). diapers that fit (calvin). honesty. turning off the bed-stand baby monitor. tenure. finding a voice. partner doctors. conceited ones. despair. writing daily. palmetto harmony CBD oil. mothers and fathers of other kids like ours. curaleaf bud and homemade THCA cannabis oil. kick-ass nurses. washable bed pads. angst. the love of a child. onesies. attentive, understanding, open, reliable, responsible school staff. sabbatical. smellie the wackadoodle. the kindness of strangers. gratitude. less medicine rather than more. tenderness. slow cookers. slow-cooker chef-hubby. every single dinner he fixes. state medicaid. the ease of small towns. patience. good cries. walks on the beach on days like the autumnal equinox.

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  1. Such deep respect and love for you, your courage, tenacity, and love of that precious and dear, Calvin.