giving thanks

date nights with michael. frosty mornings. compassion. democracy. cooking with gas. scarlet begonias. just-raked lawns. school days. fires in the wood stove. diversity. coffee au lait. brined turkey. the turkey (featured below.) seizure-free days (sadly today is not one of them). clean air and water. homemade gravy. truth. ten-dollar jeans. pecan and pumpkin pie. the high school's team calvin (you know who you are.) hot showers. humor. côtes du rhône. smellie. drive-thru ice cream parlors. our republic—if we can keep it. charity. misty fields. slippers. FIP radio. barbara and her lemon bars. mary, rita and sue, who help us take care of calvin. cozy beds. chef spouse. neighbors. the ability to dream. possibilities. checks and balances. youth (will save the world.) community. simplicity. smiles and hugs from the sweetest boy i know. memories of arnd. righteous, fearless public servants. teen-sized onsies. healthy conversations about politics and faith. le creuset. johnny-jump-up. most female legislators. forgiveness. wonky home. champions of equal rights, civil rights, a living wage, health care for all, criminal justice reform, separation of church and state, the right to vote, climate control, gun safety measures, the right to control one's own body. sautéed carrots. dinner parties. sleep. so many dearly loved ones, near and far, (you know who you are.)

The Turkey

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  1. On this Thanksgiving day, I am so deeply grateful for your presence in my life!!!