party girls

Over the weekend I made a last-minute trip to celebrate my friend Heather's fiftieth birthday in the Big Apple. It was an action-packed forty-eight hours, which included strolling elbow-to-elbow with thousands of others through the misty city, getting caught in a rainstorm, eating ridiculously delicious food including a street-vendor hot dog (amazing), devouring the eye candy at Saks Fifth Avenue, taking in a Broadway play, seeing the Rockettes at the Radio City Music Hall and hanging out with four badass party girls in Midtown.

The perfect ending to the weekend was seeing Calvin's huge smile last night when I got home. His response was heartwarming and made me think he knew I'd been gone. Sadly, over the weekend, his sixteen-day seizure-free stint was broken by a grand mal on Saturday morning while I was gone. Still, I'm hopeful he'll have another long stretch. So, too, am I hopeful to get back to Manhattan—the city that never sleeps—before too long. I just wish I could bring Calvin along.

Birthday Girl in blond.

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