good run

It was a good run while it lasted, until this morning at four-thirty. Calvin went twenty days without a grand mal seizure, nearly three times his recent average and one of his longest seizure-free stints in the past few years. If he can make it until Friday without having any more, he'll have had only two grand mals in a month's time on the heels of March in which he had only three. My best guess is that the recent increases in my homemade THCA oil are what's helping. I'm giving him about three mgs THCA per kilogram of his weight. The only other drug he is taking for his seizures is Keppra, which is at his lowest dose in a decade.

What might also be enabling his seizure freedom is the fact that, beyond being bored, he is relatively stress-free staying home from school with Michael and I as his only caregivers. We spend a lot of time snuggling, hugging, kissing and tickling him all day long. What else is there to do? Weather permitting, we walk in the garden where he touches his favorite rhododendrons, the prickly mugo pine and several Alberta spruce. He takes leisurely baths, and we go on long car rides while I reach back and feed him grapes and blueberries from the driver's seat. During this coronavirus lockdown, he isn't taxed at all.

The past month or more we've seen Calvin smile a whole lot, like when Michael reads him his favorite book and even when walking down the sidewalk on our way to visit Woody. Sadly, because of the pandemic, we can no longer go inside and pilfer Woody's chocolate jar.

With any luck Calvin will have another good run with lots of smiles and giggles. Cross your fingers. Knock on wood.

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