saturday gratitude

a rare, decent night's sleep. stovetop espresso with warm milk, as always, ready and waiting. a well-seasoned cast iron pan. jammy eggs with sea salt fried in olive oil (my rendition.) gifted loaf of ta's homemade bread for buttered toast.

early-morning backyard stroll across freshly-cut grass, mug in hand. fothergilla and other flowering shrubs going absolutely nuts. the mesmerizing scent of double-white russian hybrid lilacs. amazing azaleas in at least five blush and blazing colors. stalks of purple alliums exploding like fireworks in the perennial gardens.

walking wooded trails with smellie. running some of it, even in jeans. shedding winter layers. feeling lighter these days. bits of grey hair coming in wavy.

driving on quiet, winding back roads. picking up speed up and down hills. spectacular vistas over my shoulders. snowy owl perched on a chimney. smiles and waves from friendly strangers. blasting david byrne's talking heads over calvin's shrieking one. curious cows and calves grazing silently in a roadside pasture. (some) maskless people frolicking at a nearby farm. exchanging enormous smiles with a gal riding her fatbike down a dirt road.

covid-vaccine freedom-windows. calvin's school, bus driver, aides and teacher. getting to know newish neighbors. apple blossoms. dandelion fields. flowering chestnut trees. compelling books and films. forgiving son and husband. gatherings again! seeing friends' lovely faces close-up. loving buddies who understand me. bear hugs from some of my besties.

laughs. tears. dirty jokes. expletives—all among friends.

red wine and blonde redhead. finger-licking seared lamb chops and baby asparagus. michael's creamy garlic mashers. gingersnap ice cream in a waxed paper cup. my little wild turkey in jeans and a t-shirt, even though he sends me reeling.

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