while alive

delight in the mundane. step outside—of doors, shoes, boxes, habits, expectations, comfort zones. dance like a maniac whenever compelled. sing until it hurts. scream until it swells and burns. let go more than once in awhile. marvel at the day-to-day. honor every emotion—bliss, anger, grief, sorrow. trust science and trust your gut. stand up for yourself and others. pursue truth. read books voraciously. explore new genres. try unfamiliar foods. keep your friends' secrets untold. jump pantless off low bridges into warm waters. eat cake for breakfast. hug others often as possible. damn all forms of bigotry. say i love you often. let go of petty obligations. question organized religion and its patriarchal architecture. embrace nature. befriend those who are wildly different from yourself. live simply. give to others. turn to music and film. breathe deep. love misfits and weirdos. forgive yourself and others. release regret and resentments. abandon fear and angst whenever possible. practice compassion, kindness, respect, inclusiveness, gratitude, humility. travel the world if you can, and if you do, get to know the locals, their language, their food. expect success. fail miserably—at anything. imagine. wonder. create. explore. find a perch or cave from which to ponder the world. reflect. muse. hold onto hope. get lost. take risks while taking care not to hurt others. founder, but move forward with as much grace as can be mustered. listen well and live awhile in others' shoes.

looking into a chunk of ice i found on the side of the road.

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