Husband. Cease fire. Tawny Port. Twenty-pound Milkweed Farms turkey. Beth and Bebe: amazing nurses. The Pres. Good books. Anticipation of numerous pies a la Gifford’s old fashioned vanilla ice cream. Seizure free days. Neil Young. Ambient light. Calvin taking the stairs. Candles. The smell of sautéed shallots. Grey hairs. Slide guitars and Japancakes. Extended family. Butter. Walking across the field with Rudy. Clean house. Happy boy. School days. Community. All things Cafe Creme. Bonfires on cold starry nights. Breakfast BLT at Tony's. Naps. Therapists. Faraway friends. House guests. Mom and her momisms. Hot showers. Low hanging mist. Little hugs. Michael's photos. Writing. Bus drivers, teachers, and ed-techs. Sunsets on fall leaves against dark skies. Bed. Public broadcasting. Readers. Thoughts of Dad. Brothers and sisters. Humor. Trying to play harmonica. Giving.

photo by Michael Kolster

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