water torture

How to best keep our cool when our kids bring us to the brink? That was the question my friend and I considered while commiserating over the phone the other day. We were sharing stories about our childrens’ hyperactivity (whether seizure/drug induced or not) mischievousness, and stubborn refusal to listen or follow instructions. She mentioned how the acts themselves, all minor offenses, are really no big deal, though taken in aggregate she (and I completely agree) oft finds it challenging to remain calm in the face of them.

My take on it, I told her, is that dealing with some of our kids’ behavior is like enduring water torture, explaining that one or two—even a dozen—beads of water is harmless, but incessant dripping can cause great distress. I went on to wager that if it were possible to lie still for years under the constant peck of dripping water, said water would eventually drill a hole through our skulls right into our brains. We both had a good laugh at the image and felt much better about the fact that we sometimes lose our cool when our kids keep at us like the constant, irksome drumming on a forehead.

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