ode to my sisters

sisters, you amaze me.
you let me cry or cuss or raise my voice.
you listen silently, so calm,
and hold my hand in your palm, softly.
sometimes you don’t say a word,
but like a beautiful bird,
you wrap your wings around me with grace,
and hold me in your warm embrace.
you are patient and kind,
and you understand my heart and mind,
we are entwined.

sisters, you lift me up so high,
and make me laugh until I cry,
or cry until I laugh.
you’re always there when I need you most,
no matter which island or coast you live on.
perhaps we don’t talk for weeks or months at a time,
but I know you are mine none-the-less.
you are all the best.
you know who you are,
you are my sisters, near and far.
I love you through and through,
it’s true.

Originally published 02.18.11.

Sarah Detweiler


  1. I take it these are not just blood sisters but those who share things that make the blood boil?