the beach

warm august wind,
skies crystal blue and clear,
crisp white chalk marks dissolving
behind glinting chrome wings.

sea spray dewing thin wisps of hair
at my forehead.
moist sand between our toes,
rolled up denim cuffs chafing salty calves,
leaning into the oncoming breeze.

burnt sienna kelp heads glistening,
granite sand and shell
encrusted tails,
ruffled, tangled and entwined,
sweeping and drifting in the surf.

tiny polished glass shards,
seafoam, emerald, umber and milky,
sapphire too,
gathered in your strong hands,
tumbling in our gauzy cotton pockets

smooth twisting gnarled branches,
ashen grey and blonde,
sensually arched
swollen saltwater planks,
massive fallen timbers stranded.

brilliant cresting waves,
radiant heat massaging our backs,
shadows cast seaward,
strolling in each others arms,
sandals dangling from our fingers.

photo by Michael Kolster

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