one of my faves


  1. That's fantastic. And breaks my scarred up heart.

  2. That picture is way cute. And I thank you for telling your story. So few people do, instead hiding their Epilepsy. I have a good friend whose 3 year old son has epilepsy, and his story, like yours and that of many, remains uncontrolled with no real promise of treatment in the future. She is looking at turning to cannabidoil, as you have. My fiancee was diagnosed with Epilepsy at 11 months old. His seizures remained uncontrolled until he underwent brain surgery at age 17. He was seizure free for 5 years, able to do his dream of firefighting. His seizures came back about 4 years ago, and have grown progressively worse. I know for myself and everyone living the role as caregiver, that we all share the same very real fears. You can follow my story with my fiancee here www.epilepsyfactor.com. A part of me is so sure that cannabidoil will be the key for him. At the same time, a while back I fully believed in the potential the VNS could hold for him. I suppose in the end we are all praying, and searching for that one piece that will bring the end of the seizures.

    1. calvin is not on CBD. he is on a THCA oil that holds some promise. CBD is not yet available in this state, though the plants are growing there are not enough yet. only one or two that are about to flower. i am sorry to hear about your fiance. i will read your story. thank you so much for reaching out.

  3. What a beautiful kid. Then and now.