Astounding what the love and loyalty of a good dog can do to bring levity into a household with more than its share of worry, frustration, exhaustion, exasperation and sleep deprivation over a disabled, chronically ill child. Thank you so much for that, sweet Nellie. We promise to adore you forever. Rudy, we will never forget you.


  1. The grass is most certainly greener on the other side of the continent. (Heavy sigh from Northern California, last night's
    bath water still in the tub to be used for flushing the toilet and
    siphoning out the window to the trees.)

  2. A's comment so horrifying -- and, yes, that green grass is rather refreshing. As is the dog's clear smile!

  3. Nellie is beautiful. The joy and comfort a loving dog can bring into our homes is even more beautiful! You referenced in another post wanting her to be able to "smell the seizure". I had often thought about getting a helping dog for that very reason. The way dogs learn to identify the problems and positives of our bodies often leaves me in awe.