hopes, regrets and lamentations


Fewer seizures in two-thousand-seventeen. To get Calvin safely off of his benzodiazepine. Time in warmer climes. To hear Calvin speak a word. More time outside. For the world to be at peace. Continued health. More time to write. To see more of my peeps. Forgiveness. To become a better human being. For the liberty of those who live under tyranny. The understanding of others. Love and humanity. An end to war and starvation. Leaders who are deserving of respect and admiration. More time to read and sleep. Freedom and equality.


Self pity. Cranky mama. Selfishness. Missed opportunities. Falling-out. Staying put. Loss of contact. Too few walks through the woods. Not getting to San Francisco, Seattle or New York. Not drinking enough water. Impatience. Resentment.


Too many seizures. Too many missed days. Ugly Americans here and abroad. Racism. Bigotry. Misogyny. The regrettable exit of President Obama and his family. Monotony. Frustration. Dread. The election of an infantile, boorish, ignorant, dishonest, narcissist fiend. Greed. Corruption. Dying children. Torture. War. An incoming loser with a facile and grossly limited world view. Hate. Despots. Oligarchies. Fascism. Cowards. Fools.

Photo by Michael Kolster

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