the good, the bad and the ugly

the good:

celebrations with smart, funny, worldly people. calvin. phlebotomists who make house calls (one-stick-wonder lynn, and arthur, specifically). truth. naps with my boy. nellie. sleep. husband. shaomai burgers. empathy. rambling gardens. guacamole. walking barefoot in a grassy field. backyard fires. philanthropy. breezes. neighbors. birdies. flowers. sunshine. rain.

the bad:

seizures. the ass in the oval office. the ass's lackeys. their primitive, small-minded, exclusionary, hurtful and oppressive policies. manipulators. blood draws. headaches. viruses. sleep deprivation. white supremacy. liars. tax dodgers. benzodiazepines and their withdrawal. drunken students (presumably) hollering, and peeing (again), in the dark near our garden. tyrants. deceit. misogyny. poverty. war.

the ugly:

sleep-deprived me. the ass in the oval office. greed. excess. fear. drug-induced mania and other side effects. impatient me. white supremacists. the ass's lackeys. self-aggrandizement. angry me. the treatment, by some, of immigrants and refugees. racism. bigots. religious zealots and hypocrites. gawkers. bullies. diehards. whiners. fraudsters. jerks. apathy.

Photo by Michael Kolster

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  1. next time we see you, Steve & MJK need to have a shaomai cookoff :-) xo, gg