things i like and not so much

things i like:

my affectionate, soft, squishy kid. honesty. peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. clear blue autumn skies. compassion. kick-ass women. humility. the dappled light through trees. curiosity. strength in numbers. truth. shiny beetles. popcorn at movies. charity. chef husband. forthrightness. writing at my desk. transparency. sun-drenched windows. kindness. gray hair. seizure-free days. forgiveness. hours of pouring rain. empathy. the aroma of newly spread mulch. equality. friends. decency. frank zappa. mercy. new adventures. bodies of water. love. the innocence of children. courage. strong coffee. humor. justice. trees.

not so much:

condescension. flying squirrels nesting in the eaves. duplicity. achy joints. light pollution. greed. sleepless nights. blame. belligerence. my child's seizures. liars. television. winter coming. anxiousness about the safety of my son. bigotry. sloth. the loss of what I hoped parenthood would bring. misogyny. despair engendered by the notion of my son's bleak future. disingenuousness. defensiveness. dog shit stuck in my treads. phonies. unaccountability. bombast. headaches. green peppers. mansplaining. entitlement. cowards. threats. conceit.

Photo by Michael Kolster

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