blasts from the past in the not-too-distant future (fully vaxed!)

real celebrations. byobs. potlucks. barbecues. standing elbow to elbow. face to face. cheek to cheek. long and frequent embraces. diminishing situational diameters. gatherings longer than an hour and with more than four people. seeing maskless faces. indoor time with my peeps. eating in the screen porch. visiting with neighbors on the same side of the street. making new friends. getting help to take care of calvin. visions of sending him back to school. working in the garden without having to mind calvin. a house full of people. a house to myself. visiting friends' homes. sharing the sidewalk. sitting in close circles around the fire pit, dining table or wood stove. roaming the fields. biking or running the roads. maybe one day going to movies and restaurants. maybe bellying up to the bar with my chickies. sound sleep. deep dreams. carefree thoughts. easy breathing.

From eleven years ago, but you get the idea. photo by Timothy Diehl

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