little bits of good news

calvin received his second pfizer vaccine with michael, and will achieve peak immunity by tomorrow. i'll be good to go by saturday. calvin and michael had minimal side effects after their second shots. besides a sore arm, i had none whatsoever.

calvin's former ed-tech and bff, mary—who is also fully vaccinated and is the first person to step beyond the entry to our kitchen in over a year—took care of him monday for a few hours so i could finally get into the garden to rake and prune and weed and feed emerging peonies. calvin and i were extremely happy to see her and give her hugs.

as i had hoped, since restarting 20-milligram evening doses of harmony cbd cannabis oil three weeks ago, all three of calvin's seizures have been one-offs (one every seven days); prior to that, his grand mals were, for months, coming in clusters of two or more in as many days, and often within hours of each other.

calvin is calmer, steadier, and has been sleeping better since re-adding the cbd to his regimen.

his focal seizures have all but disappeared, and he hasn't had any pain/panic episodes—which are likely caused by latent benzodiazepine withdrawal—since early december; with time they're getting fewer and farther between.

the kid has been doing pretty well at practicing wearing a mask. our goal is for him to be compliant enough to ride the bus to school and without having to be confined to a classroom by himself (with an aide.)

Calvin hugging his buddy, Mary.

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  1. Nice work and news! Especially the benzo withdrawal. Go Calvin!