time for meds

I came across this journal entry from January of 2008:

Almost time to give the seizure meds again. Let's hope it goes better. This morning Michael and I had to recline Calvin in his high chair and hold both of his hands, then plug his nose so that he would open his mouth to take the medicine. I put a little sweetened yogurt on a spoon and carefully placed the five tiny pills on the end with a small portion of oatmeal behind the yogurt to prevent the pills, which get very tacky when moistened, from being stuck up against the back of his teeth. So, Calvin opens up and takes the bite, as he has to, and lets the mixture just sit in his mouth. He used to be so good about taking medicine and now it is a battle every time. Then we have to wait there and hope he doesn’t push the mixture out of his mouth. We have to make sure he doesn't suck his thumb. We can’t wash it down with any liquid because he will just let the watery mix dribble down his chin, medicine and all. It's absurd. Then he cries the entire morning, like he does almost every morning. What a farce. F***ing unbelievable.

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