batch no. 2

I am in the process of producing my second batch of high THCa cold-tinctured cannabis oil to treat Calvin's epilepsy. Making it is as easy as pie, and for those of you who are intimidated by the process, don't be. If you can follow a recipe, you can make cannabis oil. And for those of you without access to strains of cannabis high in CBD, this is a good place to start. THCa, in its non-psychoactive, raw, acidic form, is a neuroprotectant and Calvin has seemed to benefit in many ways from its use. We've seen improvements in his sleep, focus, behavior, balance and we have been able to reduce his benzodiazepine, Onfi, by fifteen percent with minimal withdrawal affects. And through the wean, Calvin has not had an appreciable uptick in seizures even though he is on a smaller dose of anticonvulsant pharmaceutical medication. You can find the Epsilon Apothecaries recipe here.


  1. We're going to add THCa to Sophie's regime this week -- I'm looking forward to it as some people are reporting total seizure freedom when it's added to the CBD.