things that make me breathe easier

husband. fresh air and wind. peonies. cannabis for my sick kid. not having to split tiny, unsplittable pills. barbara. sitting alone in the eveningstar theater with a bag of popcorn. gardening. long views. bourbon on the rocks. sunlight and golden fields. seventeen seizure-free days. date night. drinks with the gals on a warm afternoon in the shade of a balcony built over the river. smutty humor. laughter. green. wes anderson films. azaleas. calm boy. smiling boy. toddies on the porch with woody. dancing by myself to a live blues trio in a narrow space amongst a happy crowd in a dark tavern where no one else is dancing, where the bartenders are funny and michael is within arm's reach watching me with a smile on his face. sleep, if i could get some. friends and neighbors. summer.


  1. Oh, I love it! And there's Vivian!

  2. You must have some of the best friends on earth!