mothers from another planet

This was sent to me by another mother of a special needs child, and while I don't always live up to its words I do try. I'm sending this out to all the other mothers from another planet, and to my mom, for its words are universal. You know who you are.

This Mother's Day, there will be thousands of moms who don't receive homemade notes or hand-crafted, crayon-colored cards. These moms mother for a smile or a tender touch. They mother because that is simply what you do as a mom. This letter is for the Special Needs Mom, whose child is unable to write or say the words this Mom may long to hear.

Dear Mom,

Even without my words, you always know what I need.
When I am hurting or afraid, frustrated or weary, you gather me home into the safety of your arms.
You know what makes me smile and fills my face with light.
You make me happy when you sing my favorite song and sweep the softness of my favorite blanket across the curve of my cheek. And when you take me for walks and I feel the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze brushing by my skin.
You ignore the words of others telling you what I cannot do, and then fill the hours of every day telling me what I can.
Every day, you see other kids doing more, yet you celebrate me. Pushing away sadness, you focus on the hope of my future. You let my simple, small steps lead us forward.
Never standing still, always in motion, you move before me. Your planning, protective and positive, prepares me for success -- meeting new people and new everyday challenges.
... and Mom, in case I ever go before I can whisper my words of thanks, or wrap my arms around you, know what I know: That before you someday soothe me into heaven's sleep, with you, I live the fullest life and I see the world through your understanding eyes. 

With your gentle touch, you fill my life to overflowing with the greatest kind of love.

Suzanne Perryman


  1. Happy Mother's Day, Christy! To love the child you have in the moments that you have is the perfect parenting. You are better than anyone I know at taking life at your child's pace. Cheers, Madeleine

  2. no comment needed. It speaks for itself. So lovely.

  3. Thank you for this, dear Christy. It brought tears to my eyes -- not only for its truth but also its implicit command for me to do better, to love more, to be more patient and accepting.

  4. This is lovely. You made me cry this morning but I'm ok with that. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful words and thank you for sharing your motherhood journey which is very special indeed.