how it goes

At two o'clock this morning I woke to my restless son needing to be laid back down and covered up because he can't manage to do so by himself. Just before falling back to sleep, I had to get up again half an hour later, then at three and three-thirty. Calvin's diaper was wet, so we changed it thinking it was the source of his restlessness. But with a dry diaper on, he remained antsy, so I crawled in next to him and put him in a "mama lock" (my leg over his legs, my arm over his arms with his head resting on the soft spot between my chest and shoulder) hoping this kind of body swaddle might ease his agitation. It didn't, and neither of us fell back to sleep until Michael rescued me at five-thirty when I managed to get a bit more shut-eye.

I wish I could say this was an unusual night, but I'd be lying. In fact, the lion's share of my nights are similar, at least when it comes to waking often to reposition him, which is why I am chronically sleep deprived. It's just how it goes.

While lying awake next to Calvin, I pondered the various remedies we've attempted to thwart his seizures and reduce his restlessness, plus some remedies we haven't yet tried. It occurred to me that I ought to look into making a second THCA cannabis oil by using an indica strain rather than a hybrid, for giving to Calvin at bedtime, since indicas are relaxing while sativas and hybrids are thought to be somewhat stimulating. Nearly five years ago I had chosen a hybrid cannabis strain called Chemdog because I wanted to avoid sedating Calvin during the day, and it has helped to quell virtually all of his daytime grand mal seizures. Now, however, I am wondering if the Chemdog, in the absence of the CBD (which we eliminated some weeks ago because it appeared to be triggering some of Calvin's complex partial seizures), might be causing some of his insomnia and restlessness. Up until now I was wholly convinced his restlessness and insomnia were the product of benzodiazepine withdrawal (I've read about this sort of thing happening) and while benzo-as-culprit still makes the most sense to me, perhaps I should be open to the fact that it could be something else all together, or a combination of factors.

So tomorrow I'll call Remedy dispensary and see what they might have in terms of a high THCA indica strain. Little doubt they'll be able to help me out, and if so, I'll make the oil, give it to Calvin at bedtime for awhile and see if his sleep and/or seizures improve. If not, my next strategy is to introduce a CBDA oil that I've enlisted someone to make for him.

As always, I'll let you know how it goes.

Making my THCA cannabis oil


  1. You also might look into a weighted blanket until you "figure things out."

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  3. It's one thing to have to contend with your son's Epilepsy but then to have to consider all of the different types and forms of cannabis medications, must make things very difficult, also