counting april

only one grand mal. ten partial (focal) seizures. seven days of fits. one new thca oil using two ounces of a new cannabis strain called mandarin cookies. zero thc? countless early risings. a dozen or more eight o'clock bedtimes. more gray days than sunny ones. several inches of rainfall. weeks on end of feeling like it's november. lots of smiles from calvin. one growing, sixty-seven pound, fifty-four inch teenager (first percentile). two kick-ass nurses and one kick-ass mary helping me. another eeg scheduled, first one in i don't know how long. one additional daily thca dose, mornings. lots of fingers crossed. much hope of reducing keppra. seven days since the last grand mal. two weeks until i visit the big apple. five rhododendron buds open. countless others swelling. one semi-seeded lawn. three birdbaths quenching birds and squirrels. one sheared goldendoodle. too many bats roosting in the eaves. one loving husband cooking infinite delicious meals. one new friend. this tired mama.

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