goodnight mom

Last night I tucked my eighty-one year old mom, who has Alzheimer's, into bed. I stroked her fine white hair and hugged and kissed her goodnight:

Me: I love you mom.
Mom: I love you too. I’m so proud of you.
Me: What for?
Mom: I don’t remember what for, but it’s good.

We chuckled, I squeezed her soft hand, switched off the light and, with a very warm, happy and satisfied feeling, closed her door behind me.

Leaving today. I'm going to miss her.

October 2006


  1. Love the photo of you and your Mom. She is a sweetie!

    Just for an inspiration moment, this guy can beat your outta shape brother Scott in the backstroke, or not...


  2. "I don't remember what for, but it's good." The best proof you could ever have of a truly loving and supportive Mother.