practice makes possible

The video below, taken one year ago, describes any given day spent with Calvin. It's what we do ... practice, practice, practice toward the goal of ambulatory independence.

However, I have no doubt that Calvin would be walking by himself if he didn't have seizures and didn't have to take powerful anticonvulsant drugs that cause dizziness, lethargy, poor balance, weakness, visual disturbances and lack of coordination to name a few. 

And although he is stronger and has made some gains since this video was shot he is still my little drunken sailor who has made limited progress in the five years since he took his first steps. But, we doggedly press on because—while in a perfect world practice makes perfect—in Calvin's world, practice just might make possible.


  1. Christy,

    There it is: I got that stinging feeling between my eyes again. Beautifully written.


  2. WOW!!!!! Everything is Possible!!!!
    Christy, your strength is Calvin's strength.
    Together, you both give me strength, thank you.