friday faves - little chemical gems

Innocuous looking epilepsy drugs
Chalky white ones impersonating
albino Junior Mints
Round or squarish and
emerald-cut with neat beveled corners
Wafer thin discs that
melt in your mouth
melt your brain

Merry little multicolored two-toned
gel-caps like sick and twisted
Hot Tamales, Mike and Ikes or Good & Plenty
Split them open like Pixy Stix
Close your eyes and
sprinkle the sugar-white granules
dissolve them on your kid's tongue
They’ll send him into oblivion
Blushing pastel colored oval lozenges
cut in half reveal
bright white centers like a
perfect coconut cream
Cherry-flavored liquids
tint water pink as punch
White powders swirl jubilantly in a cup like a
crystal snowball toy

These little chemical gems
some all sickeningly wrapped up in darling
shiny foil polka dot pouches
that are oh-so-fun to burst
I’m waiting for the ones with the
candy coating and the chewy center
No doubt they're in the works
I hate tho think we will have to try them
on Calvin

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Give to cure epilepsy: http://www.calvinscure.com

photo by Michael Kolster

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