skinny little waterboy

Calvin, my skinny little waterboy (skinny and hyper due in great part to three powerful antiepileptic drugs) enjoys a cloudy-day "swim" in his baby pool.


  1. I don't know if you saw it and whether or not Calvin is on Banzel (rufinamide), but a study came out the other day detailing its terrible effects on metabolism/weight loss.

    He sure does look cute and like he's having a blast!

  2. yes, he is on banzel. will you email me the study? xo

  3. Adorable pictures. He's having fun in his own way. My son does something very similar when he's in water. My son also was on Banzel. If Calvin is taking Felbatol it can cause major problems with him not wanting to eat. We had to force my son to eat and were very close to a g-tube but he's finally eating really well again.
    From a mom in the same boat as you. I am so happy I found your blog. I don't feel like I'm the only one with my thoughts when dealing with epilepsy and all that comes with it.

  4. dear sandy,
    thank you for reaching out. i know how important it is not to feel alone. if you want to help me share calvin's story on facebook then please friend me.
    take good care,